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Amigurumi The Deer Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi The Deer Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

rnd: round
mr: magic ring
sc: single crochet
ch: chain
inc: 2 single crochet in same stitch
dec: single crochet decrease
sc3tog: single crochet 3 together
hdc: half double crochet stitch
dc: double crochet stitch
dcinc: double crochet increase
pc: popcorn stitch
slst: slip stitch
flo: front loops only
blo: back loops only
*: repeat instructions “x” times

Cream : Hello DK Cotton İplik – 173
Brown : Hello DK Cotton İplik – 167
Yellow : Hello DK Cotton İplik – 124
Blue : Hello DK Cotton İplik – 136
Dark Brown : Hello DK Cotton İplik – 168
Pink : Hello DK Cotton İplik – 109
Black Cotton Thread, Needle, 2 little buttons
Hook: 2,20 mm, Eyes: 6 mm
Use yellow yarn.
Ch 3 and turn. Work with tunisian technique

You dont need special hook because our make
is thin and usual hook is fine for this. Crochet
the scarf 70 rows and finish off.
→ Cut the yarn enough for sewing.

→Join with sewing the first and las rows.

Take the place you sew as the center of the
product, you count approximately 12 rows
and merge them with the center. It will form
as a bow.
Wrap the rest of the yarn around the middle
of the bow. Finish off

Use yellow yarn.
Rnd 1- 5sc in a mr
Rnd 2-(5inc)=10sc
Rnd 3=10sc
Rnd 4-(1pc, 9sc)=10 stitches
Rnd 5=10sc

Rnd 6-(3sc,1dec)*2=8sc
Rnd 7=8sc Finish off.
→Use dark brown yarn and join with a slst at
the 6th stitch of last rnd of the glove. Ch 55
and join to 6th stitch of the second glove.
Finish off.

Use blue yarn. At the end of every rnd ch 1
and turn back.

Rnd 1- ch 30, insert hook in 7th ch from
the hook; 24sc
Rnd 2- 2sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc,
2sc =28sc
Rnd 3- 3sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1inc,
2sc =32sc
Rnd 4-3sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc,

Rnd 5- 4sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 8sc,
1inc, 3sc =40sc
Rnd 6- 4sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc, 9sc,
1inc, 4sc=44sc
Rnd 7- Ch 6 and turn, insert hook in 7th stitch
from hook: 5sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 12sc, 1inc, 9sc,
1inc, 5sc=48sc

Rnd 8- 7sc, ch 5 (skip 9sc), 16sc, ch 5 (skip
9sc), 7sc =40 stitches

Rnd 9-11=40sc (3)
Dont turn back, join with a slst to your first
stitch and ch2. Repeat this process at the end
of every round.

Rnd 12-(40dcinc)=80dc
Rnd 13-21=80dc (9)
From now ch 1 at the beginning of the rnds.
Rnd 22=80sc (flo)
Rnd 23-(slst, ch 4)*80 Finish off.

Join with cream yarn at the first unworked
loop of the rnd 22.
Rnd 1-80dc
Rnd 2-(slst, ch 4)*80 Finish off.

→Attach blue
yarn to any
stitch below
of the arm
At the end of
every rnd;
join with a
slst and ch 2.
Rnd 1-4=14dc (4)
Rnd 5-3dc, 1dcinc, 6dc, 1dcinc, 3dc=16dc
Rnd 6=16DC
Rnd 7-(7dc,1dcinc)2=18dc Rnd 8-(4sc,1dec)3=15sc
Rnd 9=15slst Finish off

cream yarn to
first stitch of
thefirst rnd of
the dress.
At the end
of every rnd;
ch 2 and

Rnd 1-(24dcinc)=48dc
Rnd 2-(2dc,1dcinc)16=64dc Rnd 3=64dc Rnd 4-(1slst, ch 4)64 Finish off.

BOOTS (x2)
Use dark brown yarn.
At the end of every rnd, join with a slst to the
first stitch and ch1.
Rnd 1- 9sc in a mr
Rnd 2-(9inc)=18sc
Rnd 3-(2sc,1inc)6=24sc Rnd 4=24sc Rnd 5- 1inc, 9sc, 2dec, 9sc, 1inc =24sc Rnd 6=24sc Rnd 7- 1inc, 9sc, 2dec, 9sc, inc =24sc Rnd 8=24sc Rnd 9- 11sc, 1dec, 11sc =23sc Rnd 10-12=23sc (3) Change color with cream yarn. Rnd 13-(1slst, ch 3)23 Finish off

Use dark brown yarn.
Begin making first piece.
Rnd 1- 7sc in a mr
Rnd 2-4=7sc (3) Finish off.

Now make second piece.
Rnd 1- 7sc in a mr
Rnd 2-7=7sc (6) Dont cut the thread!

Rnd 8- Join to the first piece with a sc. This
counts as the first sc of the following
(1dec,1sc)2, 1sc, (1dec,1sc)2 =10sc
Rnd 9-(1dec,3sc)*2=8s

→ Cut a
long yarn
for sewing.

EARS (x2)
Use brown yarn.
Rnd 1- 6sc in a mr
Rnd 2-(6inc)=12sc
Rnd 3-7=12sc (5)
Rnd 8-(2sc,1dec)*3=9sc → Cut a long yarn
for sewing.

LEGS (x2)
Use brown yarn. Fill it in crocheting.
Rnd 1- 8sc in a mr
Rnd 2-(8inc)=16sc
Rnd 3-(1sc,1inc)*8=8sc
Rnd 4 =24sc
Rnd 5-4sc, 4dec, 12sc=20sc

nd 6- 3sc, 3dec, 11sc=17sc
Rnd 7- 2sc, 2dec, 11sc =15sc
Rnd 8- 2sc, 1dec, 11sc=14sc
Rnd 9- 1sc, 1sc3tog, 10sc=12sc
Rnd 10-1sc3tog, 9sc=10sc From now stuff it
Rnd 11-22=10sc (12)

Rnd 23- Make it flat and close the hole with
5sc. Work with Flo and make 10sc.
Rnd 24-32=10sc (9) Fill it lightly.
Rnd 33-(3sc,1dec)*2=8sc
Rnd 34- First 3sc then make it flat and close
the hole with 4sc. Finish off

ARMS (x2)
Use brown yarn. Fill it in crocheting.
Rnd 1- 6sc in a mr
Rnd 2-(1sc,5inc)=11sc
Rnd 3=11sc

Rnd 4-(1dec,9sc)=10sc
Rnd 5=10sc
Rnd 6-(1dec,8sc)=9sc
Rnd 7-25=9sc (19)
Rnd 26-(7sc,1dec)=8sc
Rnd 27- Make it flat and close the hole with
4sc. Finish off.

Use brown yarn. Stuff it in processing.
Rnd 1-8sc in a mr
Rnd 2-(8inc)=16sc
Rnd 3-(1sc1inc)8=24sc Rnd 4-(3sc1inc)6=30sc
Rnd 5-2sc, 1inc, (4sc1inc)5, 2sc =36sc Rnd 6-(5sc1inc)6=42sc
Rnd 7=42sc
In this round add the legs!
Rnd 8- 9sc, 4sc on the body and the leg at the
same time, 16sc on the body, 4sc on the body
and the leg at the same time, 9sc on body.

Rnd 9- 10sc, 1dec, 18sc, 1dec, 10sc =40sc
Rnd 10=40sc

Rnd 11- 9sc, 1dec, 18sc, 1dec, 9sc =38sc
Rnd 12=38sc
Rnd 13- 9sc, 1dec, 16sc, 1dec, 9sc =36sc
Rnd 14=36sc
Rnd 15- 8sc, 1dec, 16sc, 1dec, 8sc =34sc
Rnd 16=34sc
Rnd 17- 8sc, 1dec, 14sc, 1dec, 8sc =32sc
Rnd 18=32sc
Rnd 19- 7sc, 1dec, 14sc, 1dec, 7sc =30sc
Rnd 20=30sc
Rnd 21- 7sc, 1dec, 12sc, 1dec, 7sc =28sc
Rnd 22=28sc
Rnd 23- 6sc, 1dec, 12sc, 1dec, 6sc =26sc
Rnd 24=26sc
Rnd 25- 6sc, 1dec, 10sc, 1dec, 6sc =24sc
Rnd 26=24sc
Rnd 27- 5sc, 1dec, 10sc, 1dec, 5sc =22sc
Now add the arms!
Rnd 28-4sc, 4sc on the body and the arm at
the same time, 7sc on the body, 4sc on the
body and the arm at the same time, 3sc on

Rnd 29- 5sc, 1dec, 8sc, 1dec, 5sc =20sc
Rnd 30=20sc
Rnd 31- 4sc, 1dec, 8sc, 1dec, 4sc =18sc
Rnd 32=18sc
Rnd 33- 2sc, 1dec, (4sc,1dec)*2, 2sc =15sc

Rnd 34-(15inc)=30sc
Rnd 35-36=30sc (2)
Rnd 37-(1sc,1dec)10=20sc

Rnd 38-(10dec)=10sc

Rnd 39-(5dec)=5sc

→Cut yarn and pull together the remaining stitches.

Finish off.


Use brown yarn. Rnd 1-8sc in a mr Rnd 2-(8inc)=16sc Rnd 3-(1sc1inc)8=24sc
Rnd 4-(3sc1inc)6=30sc Rnd 5-2sc, 1inc, (4sc1inc)5, 2sc =36sc
Rnd 6-(5sc1inc)6=42sc Rnd 7-3sc, 1inc, (6sc1inc)5, 3sc =48sc
Rnd 8-(7sc1inc)6=54sc Rnd 9- 4sc, 1inc, (8sc1inc)5, 4sc =60sc
Rnd 10=60sc
Color change rnds begin! Prepare cream yarn

→When changing colors, drop the “old” color
to the inside and then pick it up again when
needed, creating a strand on the inside. Keep
the strands loose, so the Head doesn’t pull out
of shape.

Rnd 11-18sc Brown, 3sc Cream, 19sc Brown,
3sc Cream, 17sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 12-17sc Brown, 5sc Cream, 17sc Brown,
5sc Cream, 16sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 13-16sc Brown, 7sc Cream, 15sc Brown,
7sc Cream, 15sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 14-15sc Brown, 9sc Cream, 13sc Brown,
9sc Cream, 14sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 15-14sc Brown, 11sc Cream, 11sc Brown,
11sc Cream, 13sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 16-13sc Brown, 13sc Cream, 9sc Brown,
13sc Cream, 12sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 17-12sc Brown, 15sc Cream, 7sc Brown,
15sc Cream, 11sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 18-12sc Brown, 16sc Cream, 5sc Brown,
16sc Cream, 11sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 19-12sc Brown, 17sc Cream, 3sc Brown,
17sc Cream, 11sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 20-12sc Brown, (17sc, 1inc, 4hdc in next
stitch, 1inc, 17sc) Cream, 11sc Brown
=65 stitches
Rnd 21-12sc Brown, 42sc Cream, 11sc Brown

Rnd 22-12sc Brown, (17sc, 1dec, 4sc, 1dec,
17sc) Cream, 11sc Brown =63sc
Rnd 23-12sc Brown, (16sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec,
1sc, 1dec, 16sc) Cream, 11sc Brown =60sc
Rnd 24-(4sc, 1dec, 6sc) Brown, [2sc, 1dec,
(8sc,1dec)3, 3sc] Cream, (5sc, 1dec, 4sc) Brown =54sc Rnd 25-(1dec, 7sc, 1dec) Brown, [(7sc,1dec)3, 6sc] Brown, (1sc, 1dec, 7sc)
Brown =48sc

Rnd 26-(4sc, 1dec, 3sc) Brown, [1sc, 1dec,
(4sc,1dec)4, 3sc] Cream, (1sc, 1dc, 4sc, 1dec) Brown =40sc Rnd 27-(3sc, 1dec, 3sc) Brown, (1dec,3sc)5
Cream, (1dec, 3sc, 1dec) Brown =32sc
→ Attact the eyes between 19 and 20 Rounds
(center the muzzle). Distance between the
eyes 13 stitches.

→Cut long any yarn. Attach the yarn to near
eyes (refer the photo). Then pull it strongly
and knot. So you can have cute looking deep

→Put the body into the head and continue
with Rnd 28. Dont stuff from know and
continue only using brown yarn.
Rnd 28-1sc, 1dec, (2sc, 1dec)7, 1sc=24sc Rnd 29-(2sc,1dec)6=18sc Finish off.

CHEECKS (x2):Use pink yarn.
7sc in a mr and cut a long enough yarn for

ASSEMBLY (Refer to the photos)
→Useblack thread for face embroidery

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