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Amigurumi Girl Free Crochet Pattern

Materials required;

• Alize Softy color 55 (white) for slippers and pompom

• YarnArt Jeans color 62 or 01 (white)

• Alpina Anabel color 59 (pink)

• Alpina Anabel color 172 or 174 (beige, for body)

• Alpina Vera 05 (yellow). Can be replaced by YarnArt Jeans

• Alize Cotton Gold color 262 (beige, for hair)

2 mm hook, filler, needle magic ring, scissors.

Mouline thread (black and brown) to decorate the lychee magic ring. Can

replace with “Iris” from Gamma.

You can use other colors and ınci analogs.

The entire toy magic ring is knitted in a spiral.

Inci dolls and magic ring materials are 26 cm tall.


ch- air loop

MAGİC RİNG- amigurumi ring

sc- single crochet

dc double crochet

ınc- ıncibmagic ring

dec- decavmagic ring

sl / st- connecting column

p / p – half loop

(…) x n – repeat the sequence in parenthesesmagic ringsx n times


So, we met with the necessary materials. Can

start to knitting. I wish you all the best of luck!

Pens (2 parts);

Beige color:

1r. 5 sc at MAGİC RİNG

2 p. 5 sc

3 p. 5 sc

Inc continue knitting handles in length ınc approximately 6-7 cm.

Do not fill. Cut the thread. Tips with nyat.

Similarly, tie the second handle.

Legs (2 parts);

We start with Alize Softy slippers:

1r. 6 sc at MAGİC RİNG

2 p. 6 ınc (12)

3 p. (sc, ınc) x 6 (18)

4-6r. 18 sc

7 p. (sc, dec) x 6 (12)

8-9r. 12 sc

Change the thread to pink

10-12) 12 sc

Change the thread to white. We do not cut pink.

13-15) 12 sc

Change the thread to pink

16-18) 12 sc

Change the thread to white

19-21) 12 sc

Change the thread to pink

22-24) 12 sc

Change the thread to white

25-27) 12 sc + 3 sc to the middle of the leg (only for the first leg)

Cut the thread.

Similarly, we knit the second leg, but we do not cut the thread. Fill the legs.

Joint of the legs;

Inc continue white thread.

From the second leg ınc, knit 2ch ıncconnect to the first leg

28 p. On the first leg ınc knit 12sc + 2 sc according to ch. Next 12 sc by

second leg + 2 sc by ch. (28 sc)

29 RUR 9 sc, ınc, 6 sc, ınc, 11 sc (30 sc)

30 RUR 6sc, ınc, 2sc, 2 ınc, 6 sc, 2ınc, 3 sc, ınc, 7sc. (36 sc).

31 RUR 10 sc, 3 ınc, 8 sc, 3 ınc, 12 sc (42)

32 RUR 13 sc, dec, 9sc, dec, 16 sc (40)

33 RUR 12 sc, 2 dec, 8 sc, 2 dec, 12 sc (36)

34 RUR 6sc, dec, 4 sc, dec, 7 sc, dec, 2 sc, dec, 9 sc (32)

35 RUR 10 sc, dec, 2 sc, 2 dec, 2 sc, dec, 10sc (28)

36 p. 9 sc, dec, 1sc, 2 dec, 1sc, dec, 9 sc (24) + 11 sc to the back

Change the thread to flesh color.

Fill up.

Sewing nitmagic rings, make a couple of stitches to form the buttocks.

37 RUR 24 sc (bodily)

38 p. 24 sc for the rear p / p

39-40r. 24 sc

We turn to the shorts.

Take the pink ınc thread and connect to 38r. for front p / p

1r. 24sc

2 p. (3sc. Inc) x 6 (30)

3 p. (4 sc. Inc) x 6 (36)

4 p. (5 sc. Inc) x 6 (42)

5 p. (6 sc. Inc) x 6 (48)

6 p. (7 sc. Inc) x 6 (54)

7 p. (8 sc. Inc) x 6 (60)

8 p. (9 sc. Inc) x 6 (66)

9-13r. 66 sc

We form a trouser leg.

14 p. Inc knit 33 sc + 3vp, ınc and connect to ınc on the opposite side of the shorts between the legs (in 1 sc of the 13th row) (36 sc)

15 p. 36 sc

16 p. (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

17 RUR (1sc, dec) x10 (20)

18 p. Decx10 (10)

19 p. 2ch lift. 10 dc.

S.S. Thread cut

Similarly tie the second leg.

Incconnect the pink thread, ınc knit

33 sc + 3 sc in the same air chain.

Inc continue to knit the body.

To row 40 ınc, we connect the pink thread

41-42r. 24 sc

Change the thread to white

43-44r. 24 sc

Change the thread to pink

45-46r. 24 sc

Change the thread to white

47-48r. 24 sc

We knit handles;

Inc continue to knit with white thread

1r. 6 sc, ıncconnect the handle, 5 sc on the arm. 12sc across the chest.

Incconnect the handle, 5 sc over the arm. Next 6 sc on the back (34)

2 p. 6 sc, 2dec, 13sc, 2dec, 7 sc (30)

3 p. (3sc, dec) x6 (24)

4 p. (1sc, dec) x8 (16)

5 p. Dec x 8 (8)

Cut the thread. Fill as you knit

Inc step to the head;

Take a beige thread:

1r. 6 sc

2 p. 6 ınc (12)

3 p. (1 sc. Inc) x 6 (18)

4 p. (2 sc. Inc) x 6 (24)

5 p. (3 sc. Inc) x 6 (30)

6 p. (4 sc. Inc) x 6 (36)

7 p. (5 sc. Inc) x 6 (42)

8 p. (6 sc. Inc) x 6 (48)

9 p. (7 sc. Inc) x 6 (54)

10-18r. 54 sc

19 p. (7sc. Dec) x6 (48)

20 RUR (6 sc. Dec) x6 (42)

21 RUR (5 sc. Dec) x6 (36)

22 p. (4 sc. Dec) x6 (30)

23 RUR (3 sc. Dec) x6 (24)

24 RUR (Sc, dec) x8 (16)

25 RUR Dec x 8 (8)

Leave a long thread for writing.

Stuff your head.

Embroider a little face. Incline head to body.

Magic ring.Yellow.

We knit in rotary rows. (Do not forget the ınco lifting loop)

Dial 25 ch.

The second loop from the hook is the magic ring 3sc, ınc, 3 sc, ınc, 8 sc, ınc, 3 sc, ınc, 3 sc. (28) turn

We knit 4 rows, making one ınc increment above the magic ring each ıncincrement ınc of the previous row. (ragged lines)

We form a magic ringв.

Inc knit sc on the front of the blouse. Рmagic ringin not

ınc knit. We connect in front of the back. We knit the back of sc to

ragged line. And in the same way we connect the back to the front

shelf and tie the shelf.

Turn. And without changes, we knit 5-6 rows to the desired length of the blouse.

At will it is possible to make a collar bindingmagic ring.


Take Softy

1r. 6 sc

2 p. 6 ınc (12)

3 p. (1 sc. Inc) x 6 (18)

4 p. (2 sc. Inc) x 6 (24)

5-7r. 24 sc

8 p. (2sc, dec) x 6 (18)

9 p. (Sc, dec) x 6 (12) Fill.


 In yellow.

Dial a chain of 58 ch

Pick the length you need.

We replace the magic ring with a chain in the ring C.s

Inc knit 1 row 58 sc

Next 4-5 rows 58 dc. (Do not forget to loop in the magic ring lifting)

Then we knit a cap of the right size, making decavings on bamagic rings.

We knit the frill cap of the magic ring.

Inc, we connect the white thread and knit 58 sc for the front p.


2ch + 5 dc in one loop, dec.

2ch + 5 dc in one loop, dec …

Inc continue to the edge of the magic ring cap. You can make a magic ring

diameter, just the front of the magic ring. Include pompom to cap

Inc proceeding to the formation ıncically.

Cut the hair.

We need short hair for bangs. And long for

pigtails. For convenience, you can wrap ıncjazu on a magic ring and cut off

threads of the same length.

Inc connect the magic ring each thread for the remaining rear p / n yellow cap magic ring.

Incish a cap with ıncic to the head.

We dress a blouse.

Our magic ring dolls are ready!

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