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Amigurumi Mr. And Mrs. Gnomes Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Mr. And Mrs. Gnomes Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

For closing, please:
 Yarn dark gray, light gray, white, pink. I have acrylic
 Hook 1.5 Clover
 Yarn for a hat. I have Foxy Fur 100g/85m
 Filler
 Glass granulate (or any other weighting agent)
 Wire for handles
 Wool for felting (beard, braids)
 Needle for felting
 Needle and thread for sewing

Useful information:
Sc – single crochet
Dc – column with 1 crochet
Inc – increase (we knit two from one column)
Dec – decrease (we knit two columns together)
( ) x4p – repeat 4 times indicated in brackets
3in1 – knit three from one loop

We collect in dark gray a chain of 2ch, from the second loop from the hook
1r. 6sc
2r. 6inc (12)
3r. (1sc, 1inc) x6p (18)
4r. (2sc, 1inc) x6p (24)
5r. (3sc, 1inc) x6p (30)
6r. (4sc, 1inc) x6p (36)
7r. (5sc, 1inc) x6p (42)
8r. (6sc, 1inc) x6p (48)
9r. (7sc, 1inc) x6p (54)
10r. (8sc, 1inc) x6p (60)
11r. (9sc, 1inc) x6p (66)
12r. (10sc, 1inc) x6p (72)
13r. (11sc, 1inc) x6p (78)
14-18r. 78sc
Next, we knit everything ssn
19-21r. 78dc
Add granulate and start stuffing.
22r. (11dc, 1dec) x6p (72)
23r. 72dc
24r. (10dc, 1dec) x6p (66)
25r. 66dc
26r. (9dc, 1dec) x6r (60)
27-30r. 60dc
31r. (8dc, 1dec) x6p (54)
32r. (7dc, 1dec) x6r (48)
33r. (6dc, 1dec) x6p (42)
34r. (5dc, 1dec) x6p (36)
35r. (4dc, 1dec) x6r (30)

36r. (3dc, 1dec) x6r (24)
37r. (2dc, 1dec) x6p (18)
38r. (1dc, 1dec) x6p (12)
39r. 6dec(6)
Tighten the hole, fasten the thread, cut off.

Go. (4shi.)
The marker runs along the edge of the palm. If necessary, we do
displacement loops. We collect a chain of 5ch in dark gray. So
second loop from hook
1r. 1inc, 2sc, 3in1, 3sc (10)
2r. 10sc
3r. (1inc, 4sc) x2p (12)
4r. (1inc, 5sc) x2p (14)
5-7r. 14sc
8r. (1dec, 5sc) x2p (12)
9r. (1dec, 4sc) x2p (10)
We insert an insulated wire and, if necessary, start
fill. I did not stuff, I used chenille wire.
10r. Incomplete. We knit so many sbn to put up a new one
a marker on the inside of the pen (in order for the transition of colors
hide on the inside of the handles).

Next, we move on to white and light gray colors. Color change every
2 rows. Knit as many rows as long as you want.
pens. I have 12 rows (6 white and 6 light gray).

Legs. (4 things.)
The marker goes along the edge of the leg. Make loops if necessary
offset. We stuff as we knit. Set in dark gray
a chain of 8ch. From the second loop from the hook
1r. 1inc, 5sc, 3in1, 6sc (16)
2r. 16sc
3r. (1inc, 7sc) x2p (18)
4r. (1inc, 8sc) x2p (20)
5-7r. 20sc
8r. (1dec, 8sc) x2p (18)
9r. (1dec, 7sc) x2p (16)
Fold the leg and knit 2 edges together using sc. Further
knit in rotary rows 3 more rows of sc

Nose (2pcs)
We collect 2ch, from the second loop from the hook
1r. 6sc
2r. 6inc (12)
3r. (1sc, 1inc) x6p (18)
4-6r. 18sc
7r. (1sc, 1dec) x6p (12)
Fold the spout and knit 2 edges together with sc. Further
knit in rotary rows 3 more rows of sc. Fasten the thread
cut off.

Hat (2pcs)
Because of the hairiness of the threads of the hat, it is better to knit on the wrong side. Recruiting
a chain of 2ch, from the second loop from the hook
1r. 6sc
2p 6p (12)
3-4r. 12sc
5r. (1sc, 1inc) x6p (18)
6-9r. (eighteen)
10r. (2sc, 1inc) x6p (24)
11-14 p. 24sc
15r. (3sc, 1inc) x6p (30)
16-19r. 30sc
20r. (4sc, 1inc) x6p (36)
21-23r. 36sc
24r. (5sc, 1inc) x6p (42)
25-27r. 42sc
28r. (6sc, 1inc) x6p (48)
29-30r. 48sc
31r. (7sc, 1inc) x6p (54)
32-33r. 54sc
34r. (8sc, 1inc) x6p (60)
35-36r. 60sc
37r. (5sc, 1inc) x10r (70)
38-40r. 70sc

Jacket for em.
We collect 60 loops on stocking needles and knit with an elastic band, alternating 2
facial and 2 purl. Close all loops when we reach the desired
us length.

Jacket for Zhe.
We collect 64 loops on straight knitting needles and knit according to the scheme:
1 hem, 3 garter sts (both knit and purl rows
knit with facial loops), purl 2, 8 facial loops (braid), 2
purl, 33 loops of a pearl pattern (alternating 1 front and 1
purl, but with an offset of 1 loop), 2 purl, 8 loops
facial (braid), 2 purl, 2 facial, 1 edge.
We twist the braid in every 8th row. To do this, leave 4 loops on
auxiliary knitting needle before work, we knit 4 facial, then
we knit 4 front ones from the auxiliary knitting needles.
Again, we knit to the length we need.

We start assembly with clothes. We dress, we put on, we sew neatly
along the bottom edge. We sew a women’s jacket with an overlap, sew
buttons and lace on the bottom edge.
Sew on arms and legs.
We roll the beard and braids.

Sew on noses.
And now we hide all our ugliness under the caps.


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