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Amigurumi The Snowgirl Doll Akiko Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi The Snowgirl Doll Akiko Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Difficulty level: intermediate

About the Pattern

For this pattern I used only cotton yarn for the body and dress. If you’d like to use anyother kind
of yarn,please do, but keep in mind that different kind of yarns give different results! It’s
recommended that you use the same yarn brand or thickness for all colours. Otherwise the yarn
thickness could cause a gauge difference.
You should also know how to connect 2 legs, sc, hdc, inc, mr and dec in order to finish th
pattern. This pattern is very easy to make once you get the hang of it! 🙂

Use crochet hook 1,50mm and 3mm. The doll will be anything between 13cm without hair bow and
depending on how tight/loose you crochet. The abbreviations I used are common US terms. If a
line says “sc3, inc, sc5″ then it means you’ll have to repeat the action inside the * until end of
round and continue the action after the comma.
Often I write ‘3sc’ which means you increase by making 3 single crochets in one stitch.

Abbreviations that are used:

Mr = magic ring
ch = chain
st = stitch
sc = single
inc = increase
dec = single crochet 2 together OR skip
sl st = slip stitch
FLO = front loop only
BLO = back loop only
Tr cr = treble crochet
x = repeat
dc = double crochet

The brand cotton yarn that I used is Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon.

  • 1,5 mm. Crochet hook
  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • Embroidery needle for attaching arms and embroidery
  • Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon yarn
    white, caramel, black, red, brown, orange, skintone.
  • Make up/blush or soft pastel crayons (use a brush or ear cottons to do this)
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • 6mm. eyes for doll
  • little button.
  • Black beads for dress
  • Metal wire
  • painters/masking tape
  • Pliers
  • Pins to pin down parts.

New at crocheting legs together?

Look at this picture. 12st per leg you crocheted (24 total with both legs) and 2ch in the middle(4 in total
when you crochet around) and you end up with a total of 28st in total at the end of the whole round.

How to insert wire

Take twice as long as you need and fold wire in half. Twist it around itself until you have what looks like in
the first drawing.

Then add another folded and twisted wire into the second leg. See pictures.
If you don’t twist the wire, it will break while you play with your doll.

Now wrap tape around the wire.
Bend a loop on top so no wire will stick out of the head later on.

1,50mm hook
Skintone yarn
1 Sc5 in mr 5
2 Sc around 5
3 Inc, sc4 6
4 Dec, sc4 5
5-13 Sc aroundx9 5
Cut yarn and make 2nd arm. Leave tail for sewing.

  • Sew arms to the small holes on the sides of
    the body that we made.
    Use white yarn
    1,5mm hook
    1 Sc5 in mr 5
    2-4 Sc around x3 5
    5 Sc, inc, inc, dec 6
    6 Dec, dec, sc, inc 5
    7-8 Sc aroundx2 5
    9 inc, sc4 6
    10 inc, sc5 7
    11 Sc around 7
    12 inc, sc6 8

13 Sc around 8
14 inc, sc7 9
15 inc, sc8 10
16 Sc around 10
17 inc, sc9 11
18 Sc around 11
19 inc, sc10 12
20 Sc around 12
Cut yarn, make 2nd leg.
Don’t cut yarn of 2nd leg, ch2, attach to 1st leg.
Move marker.
(we start counting from 1 again)

1 Sc12, sc in next 2ch, sc12, sc in next 2ch 28
2-3 Sc around x2 28
4 Sc5, dec, sc12, dec, sc7 26
Switch to skintone yarn
5-6 Sc around x2 26
7 Sc5, dec, sc12, dec, sc5 24
8-10 Sc around x3 24
11 Sc5, dec, sc11, dec, sc4 22
12 Sc around 22
13 Sc5, dec, sc9, dec, sc5. 20
14-15 Sc around x2 20
16 Sc5, ch2, skip2, sc8, ch2, skip2, sc3 20
17 Sc5, sc2 in ch, sc9, sc2 in ch, sc2 20
Insert wire and stuff body. Do not over stuff!
18 Dec until 6st are left 6
19-21 Sc around x3 6
Continue from here on to make the head.
We start counting from 1 to make it easier to

1 inc 12
2 sc, inc 18
3 sc2, inc 24
4 sc3, inc 30
5 sc4, inc 36
6 sc5, inc 42
7 sc6, inc 48
8 sc7, inc 54
9-19 Sc around x11 54
20 sc7, dec 48
21 sc6, dec 42
22 sc5, dec 36
23 sc4, dec 30

Place safety eyes in row 12 with 12st between
the yes.
24 sc3, dec 24
25 sc2, dec 18
26 sc, dec 12

Decrease until 6st left. Sew closed. Now pull
wire through the two holes in the body long
enough for the arms. If it is too long you can
always trim it.Wrap wire with painters/masking


1,50mm hook
White yarn
Stitch count isn’t crucial here as long as it fits.
1 ch31 31
2-6 sc30, ch1, turn. 30
7 sc4, dec, sc17, dec, sc5, 28
Ch1, turn
8 sc5, ch5, skip3, sc10, ch5,
Skip3, sc7, ch1
9 sc3, dec, sc7, dec, sc3, dec,
Sc2, dec, sc4, dec, sc3, ch1
Now ch7 and form a loop with a sl St. This loop will go around the button later.
Cut yarn.

Turn piece upside down. Insert yarn into the bottom as show in drawing.
1 sc2, 4sc, sc
Now connect to other end of piece with a sc. Place marker.
2-3 sc aroundx2
4 sc3, inc, sc2
5-11. sc aroundx7
12 sc4, dec, sc

sc around
14 sc4, dec,

sc3, dec, 2
Continue in FLO
16 ch1, 3hdc, sc2
Cut yarn

Take brown yarn and insert in sleeve hole.

  1. Sc2, inc, inc. 16
    2-8 Sc aroundx7 16
  2. sc2, dec 12
    10 sc around, sl st 12
    Cut yarn
    FO, cut yarn.


3mm hook
Caramel yarn
It will look as if you are crocheting a messy octopus! 😀
1 6sc in mr 6
2 inc 12
3 sc, inc 18
4 sc2, inc 24
5-6 ch35, hdc down 34. 34
7 sc, ch35, hdc34 down, sc 34
8 ch35, hdc34 down, sc 34
9 ch35, hdc34 down, sc 34
10-11. ch35, hdc34 down 34
12 sc, ch35, hdc34 down 34
13 ch35, hdc34 down, sc 34
14-15 ch35, hdc34 down 34
16 sc, ch35, hdc34 down, sc 34
17-18. ch35, hdc34 down 34
19-21. sc, ch35, hdc34 down 34
22-23. sc, ch35, hdc34 down 34
24-25 ch35, hdc34 down 34
26 sc1
27-28. ch35, hdc34 down 34

  1. sc, ch35, hdc34 down. 34
    30 ch20, hdc19 down, sc 19
    31-32 ch9, hdc8 down 8
    33-37 sc, ch9, hdc8 down 8
    38 sc, ch20, hdc19 down, sl st in next hole 19
    Cut yarn, tuck in ends and pin the octopus hair down onto the head before
    You sew onto head.

Use 1,5mm hook
Red yarn
1 ch40
2-4 Hdc39, ch1 39
FO and cut yarn.

Use 1,5mm hook
Black yarn
1 sc6 in Mr. 6
2 inch. 12
3 sc, inch. 18
4 sc2, inch. 24
5 sc3, inc. 30
6 sc4, inc 36
7 sc around in BLO 36
8-9 sc aroundx2 36
10 sc4, dec 30
11-15 sc around 30
16 sc3, dec 24
17 sc aroundx3 24
18 inc in FLO 28
19-21 sc aroundx3 28
Sl st, ch1, cut yarn
Wrap some red yarn around the hat for some accent. 🙂

Use 1,5mm hook
Orange yarn
1 sc5 in mr 5
2 sc around 5
3 inc, sc4 6
3 sc3, inc, sc2 7
4 Sc around 7
Sl st, ch1, cut yarn and sew
Nose onto face.

Use 1,5mm hook
Solesx2 brown
1 Ch6 6
1 3sc, sc3, 4sc, sc4. 14
2 2sc, 2sc, sc4, (4sc)x4, Sc4 20
Now trace the soles on thin card board and cut out 2 pieces. Make them a little bit smaller
than the actual soles and glue onto the inside of the soles. Not the outside!
Switch to black yarn
4 sc in BLO 20
6 sc9, (dec)x3, sc5 17
7 sc9, (dec)x2, sc4 15
8 sc8, (dec)x2, sc3 14
9 sc8, dec, sc3. 13
Cut yarn.
Insert yarn in the front loops of the shoe and crochet around with shoe upside down.
FO, cut yarn.
Add red stripes with embroidery

Use 1,5mm hook
Black yarn
1 sc5 in mr 5
2-34 sc aroundx33 5
Insert wire and bend in shape.
Wrap red yarn around cane.
Sew hole closed.

Add blushing and a button on the back of the dress.
Sew beads onto dress.
Photos for guidance.

And your Akiko is born!

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