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Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Velvet Rope Tiger Free Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;

You will need:

– INCH Himalaya Dolphin Baby Tie (100% polyester, 120m / 100g):

main color 80316x – 2 skeins;

additional color 80765 – 0.5 skein.

can be replaced with YarnArt Dolce 778.

– Filler Holofaybe)

– Hook 4 mm.

– Plastic eyes, half DEC beads with a diameter of 14 mm.

– Plastic nose measuring 18×20 cm.

– Needle, scissors, INC. Transparent glue.


CH – air loop

CH2 – air lifting loop

SC – single crochet

SL / ST – connecting post


DEC – DECwave

(…) Х6 – repeat the action in brackets 6 times.

Feet (2pcs):

We start with a complementary color.

1) 7vp, from the second loop from the hook 5SC, 4SC into one loop, by

the second side of the chain: 5SC, 4SC in one loop (18)

2) 5SC, (INC) x4, 5SC, (INC) x4 (26)

3) 5SC, (SC, INC) x4, 5SC, (SC, INC) x4 (34)

4) 5SC, (2SC, INC) x4, 5SC, (2SC, INC) x4 (42)

Change the color to the main one.

5) for the rear half loops 42SC

6-8) 42SC (3 rows)

9) 5SC, (2SC, DEC) x4, 5SC, (2SC, DEC) x4 (34)

10) 5SC, (SC, DEC) x4, 5SC, (SC, DEC) x4 (26)

11) 5SC, (DEC) x4, 5SC, (DEC) x4 (18)

12) (SC, DEC) x6 (12)

Sew up the hole, twist the thread.

INC join the thread of the complementary color to the 4th row and

knit by the front half-loops 42SC, SL / ST. Fasten the thread with INC.

Legs (2pcs):

1) 19vp, from the 2nd loop from the 18SC hook, close into the ring (18)

2-14) 18SC (13 rows)

Cut the thread, leaving the tip for INC sewing. INCsish

this side to the foot. We do not fill. The other side where

there was the beginning of the part, we will knit it immediately for both walls into the body.

Upper legs (2pcs):

1) 6SC in amigurumi ring (6)

2) (INC) x6 (12)

3) (SC, INC) x6 (18)

4) (2SC, INC) x6 (24)

5-7) 24SC (3 rows)

8) (2SC, DEC) x6 (18)

9) (DEC) x6, 6SC (12)

10-24) 12SC (15 rows)

Only fill the bottom.

Fold the part in half and INC at both edges 5SC. A thread

trim, leaving the ponytail for INC cutting. Include the handles to the body.

Body and head:

1) 6SC in amigurumi ring (6)

2) (INC) x6 (12)

3) (INC) x12 (24)

4) (3SC, INC) x6 (30)

5) (4SC, INC) x6 (36)

6) (5SC, INC) x6 (42)

7) (6SC, INC) x6 (48)

8) we knit the legs: 8SC together with the leg, 16SC, 8SC together with

foot, 16SC (48)

9-15) 48SC (7 rows)

16) (6SC, DEC) x6 (42)

17) (5SC, DEC) x6 (36)

18) 8SC, (DEC) x6, 16SC (30)

19-22) 30SC (4 rows)

23) (3SC, DEC) x6 (24)

24) (DEC) x12 (12)

25) (INC) x12 (24)

26) (SC, INC) x12 (36)

27) (5SC, INC) x6 (42)

28) (6SC, INC) x6 (48)

29) (7SC, INC) x6 (54)

30) (8SC, INC) x6 (60)

31-34) 60SC (4 rows)

35) (8SC, DEC) x6 (54)

36) (7SC, DEC) x6 (48)

37-38) 48SC (2 rows)

39) (6SC, DEC) x6 (42)

40) 42SC

41) (5SC, DEC) x6 (36)

42) (4SC, DEC) x6 (30)

43) (3SC, DEC) x6 (24)

44) (2SC, DEC) x6 (18)

45) (SC, DEC) x6 (12)

46) (DEC) x6 (6) Cut the thread, pull off the hole, pull the thread with INC.

Ears (4pcs):

We knit 2 pieces of white and 2 pieces of extra. colors. We knit

turning rows, we start a new row from the runway.

1) 2vp, in the second loop 3SC (3)

2) INC, SC, INC (5)

3) INC, 3SC, INC (7)

4-5) 7SC (2 rows)

Cut off the thread of the white parts, fix it.

Fold the two pieces together and tie SC around the perimeter.

unfold knitting and tie again. Cut the thread

leaving the tip to incise.

INCISE, stepping back from the center of the crown of the head 3 columns,

between the ears – 10 loops.


We start with the main color.

1) 7SC in amigurumi ring (7)

2-3) 7SC (2 rows)

Change the color to an additional one.

4) 7SC

The main color.

5-6) 7SC (2 rows)

Complementary color.

7) 7SC (7)

8-25) repeat rows 5-7 with alternating colors (18 rows)

We do not stuff the part, we fold it in half and INC knit 3SC

on both sides.

Cut the thread, leaving the tail for INC sewing. INCsish

tail in the next row after tying the legs.


1) 7vp, from the second loop from the hook 5SC, 4SC into one loop, by

on the other side of the chain: 5SC, 4SC in one loop (18)

2) 5SC, (INC) x4, 5SC, (INC) x4 (26)

3) 5SC, (SC, INC) x4, 5SC, (SC, INC) x4 (34)

4-7) 34SC (4 rows)

Cut the thread, leaving the tail for INC sewing.

Include, departing from the neck 3 rows and 6 rows up.


– Include the eyes just above the muzzle, between the eyes – 8 loops.

– Glue the nose INC in the center in the 3rd row from the edge of the muzzle.

We embroider a strip with plush thread of an additional color

a few rows down and INC and desire short antennae

stitches in a chaotic manner.

– With the same thread, you can immediately embroider bangs. We do

markers for INC row – from the center of the crown by 5

rows down, between the edges, 3 loops.

For each INCD

make two stripes INC of additional color and

in the middle there is a strip of white INC.

– We embroider squirrels near the eyes with white plush thread.

– We embroider “claws” on the paws with plush thread, about 3

loops between them.