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Amigurumi Bunny Twins Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi, Amigurumi Bunny Twins Free Crochet Pattern Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

Abbreviations (US)

Mr: magic ring
Ch: chain
St: stitch
sc: Single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc :Double crochet
inc Increase (2 sc in the same st) dec: Decrease (invisible decrease) slst: Slip stitch
R: Round(s)
Blo: back loop only
Flo: front loop only
W: Hit the same single needle 3 times ()*. repeat instructions in the ()


Yarn: etrofil jeans for white yarn,, alize cotton for clothes. Crochet hook size: 1.40 mm,for body, 175 for clothes
You can use any of your favorable yarn with a suitable hook size,
Safety eyes
Sewing needle scissor

Head (White)

R1:6sc in Mr (6) R2: 6* inc (12) R3: (1sc,inc)6 (18) R4: (2sc, inc)6 (24) R5:(3sc,inc)6 (30) R6: 2sc, inc (4sc,inc)6,2sc (36) R7:(5sc,inc)6 (42) R8: 3sc,inc, (6sc,inc)6, 3sc (48) R9: (7sc, inc)6 (54) R10: 54 sc (54) R11:4sc,inc, (8sc, inc)6,4sc (60)
R12-R20: (9 round) 60 sc (60)
R21:24sc, 1ch(skip 1 st),10sc, 1 ch(skip 1st), 24sc (60) R22: 15sc, (1sc,inc)6, 6sc, (inc, 1sc)6,15sc (72) R23: 15sc, (2sc, inc)6,6sc, (inc, 2sc)x6,15sc (84) R24-R28: (5 round) 84 sc (84) R29: 15sc, (2sc, dec)6, 6sc, (dec, 2sc)6, 15sc (72) R30: 15sc (1sc, dec)6, 6sc, (dec, 1sc)6, 15sc (60) R31: (3sc, dec )12 (48)
R32: (6sc, dec)*6 (42) R33:(5sc, dec) *6 (36) R34 (2sc, dec)*9 (27)
R35: (1sc, dec) *9 (18)
leave a long yarn tail to weave in later and Fasten Off.

Ears x2 (White)

R1:4sc in Mr (4) R2: 4* inc (8) R3: 8sc (8)
R4: (1sc,inc)4 (12) R5: (2sc,inc) 4 (16) R6:(3sc,inc)4 (20)
R7-R8: (2 round) 20sc (20)
R9:(4sc,inc)6 (24) R10: 24 sc (24) R11: (5sc,inc)4 (28)
R12: 28sc (28)
R13: (6sc, inc)4 (32) R14-R20: (7 round) 32 sc (32) R21:(6sc,dec)4 (28)
R22: 28sc (28)
R23: (5sc,dec)4 (24) R24: (4sc, dec)4 (20)
R25-R26: (2 round) 20 sc (20)
R27: (3sc,dec)*4 (16)
R28-R31: (4 round) 16sc (16)
sc across both sides (8) Leave a long yarn tail to weave in later and Fasten Off.

Arms x2 (White)

R1:8sc in Mr (8)
R2: (1sc,inc)*4 (12)
R3-R15: (13 round) 12sc (12)
sc across both sides (6)
Leave a small yarn tail to weave in later.
and Fasten Off. We will crochet these into the body later,


First leg
R1:7ch, start from second St, inc, 4sc, 1w,5sc (14) R2: 2inc, 4sc,3inc,4sc,inc (20)
R3:(1 sc,inc)2, 4sc,(1sc,inc)3,4sc,(1 sc,inc)1 (26) R4: Blo 26sc (26) R5: 26sc (26) R6:10sc,(1sc, dec)3, 7sc (23)
R7: 8sc,5dec, 5sc (18)
R8:6sc,5dec, 2sc (13)
R9:1sc,inc,3sc,inc,4sc,inc, 2sc (16) R10-R11: (2 round) 16 sc (16) R12: (3sc,inc)*4 (20)
R13: 20 sc (20)
R14: 19sc (19) just and fasten off Anathor leg
R14: 20sc (20)
R15: 9sc (9) and don’t fasten off

Body (White)

joining legs with 5ch R1:20sc in the first leg, 5 sc in the ch, 20 sc in the anathor leg, 5sc in the ch (50) R2: 50sc (50)
R3:22sc, inc, 22sc, inc,4sc (52) R4: 52sc (52)
R5: 23sc,inc,24sc,inc,3sc (54) R6-R8:(3 round) 56sc (54)
R9:(7sc,dec)6 (48) R10:48sc (48) R11:( 6sc,dec)6 (42)
R12: (5sc,dec)6 (36) R13-R16: (4 round) 36 sc (36) R17: 6sc,6sc (with arm ),12sc, 6sc (with arm),6sc (36) R18: (4sc,dec)6 (30)
R19: (3sc,dec)6 (24) R20: (2sc, dec)6 (18)
leave a long yarn tail to weave in later and
Fasten Off.


R1: 2ch, 8hdc in Mr (8) 1slst R2: 2ch,8 inc (16) 1slst R3: 2ch (1hdc,inc)*8 (24) 1slst R4:2ch, (2hdc,inc) *8 (32) 1slst R5:2ch, (3hdc,inc)8 (40) 1slst R6:2ch, (4hdc,inc)8 (48) 1slst R7:2ch,(7sc,inc)6 (54)1slst R8: 2ch,54 hdc (54)1slst R9: 1ch,54 sc (54)1slst R10: 1ch,19 slst, 2ch, Flo(1 dc,inc)8, 2ch,19 slst (62) leave a long yarn tail to weave in later and Fasten Off.
Top button
R1: 6sc in Mr (6)
R2: (1sc,inc )*3 (9)
R3: 9sc (9)
leave a long yarn tail to weave in later and Fasten Off.


R1:22 ch, slst in the first chain 22sc. (22) 1slst
R2: 1ch,Blo 22sc (22) 1slst
R3:1ch, inc, 10sc,inc,10sc (24) 1slst
R4-R6: 1ch, (3 round) 24 sc (24) 1slst
make 2 from this piece, fasten off from first one and don’t from the anathor one
make 2 chain and joining it
R1: 24sc in the first leg, 2 sc in the ch, 24 sc in the anathor leg, 2sc in the ch (52)
R2-R10:(9 round) 52sc (52) fasten off. in the middle
R1:1ch,14sc (14)1ch turn
R2:14sc (14)1ch turn
R3: skip 1st, 13sc (13) 1ch turn R4:skip 1st,12sc (12) 1ch turn
R5:skip 1st,11sc (11) 1ch turn
R6:skip 1st, 10sc (38) 1ch turn
R7: slst in the around of the overalls Hangers
30 ch start from 6 chain, 25 hdc.
leave a long yarn tail to weave in later and Fasten Off.

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